Meghan Trainor Flaunts Her Baby Bump in a Dance Video

Meghan Trainor is four months pregnant, and she is so ready to flaunt her baby bump now! 

She posted a video on social media where she is dancing with her two-year-old son Riley and showing off her little baby bump on the song “When the song comes on let me see ya get gone / Baby mamas, this yo song / Been pregnant for way too long / Now tell the DJ turn it on.”

Her bestie, Chris Olsen also joins the mother-son duo in the video. She captioned the post with, “Never did this one when I was pregnant with Riley. HOW AM I ALREADY ALMOST HALF WAY THERE?” 

Trainor revealed that she is expecting her second child only two weeks ago. She is also going to release a book about pregnancy titled ‘Dear Future Mamas’ this year. Trainor and her husband, Sabara first became parents to Riley in February 2021. Her upcoming book will focus on her experiences during the first pregnancy, and will include “TMI real talk” about body image, the newborn days and more. 

Image Courtesy: Life & Style

“After feeling so overwhelmed and alone in my first pregnancy, I was inspired to write this book to make sure no other future mama ever felt like that,” Trainor said. “I want to give future mamas permission to find the right path for them — without the judgment of others. I want this book to feel like a hug from a bestie.”

– Riya Sohini