Meghan Trainor Loves to Play The Emoji Game

Meghan Trainor announced the release of a brand new single “Nice To Meet Ya” all set for the 31st of January.

The singer had previously released a tracklist full of emojis, asking her fans to decode the names of the song. She went on to unveil the complete tracklist, barring the second track that was represented by the handshake emoji.

She has finally announced that the track in question is titled “Nice To Meet Ya” and will be released on the same day as her full-length album “Treat Myself”, the 31st of Jan.

She went on to reveal that the single would feature Ncki Minaj with a full rap verse. In a recent interview, she states that the rapper is a “monster” on the track. Minaj has multiple pop features to her name, charting high with most of them. Along with her solo rap work, she’s become a frequent collaborator in the pop landscape.

Trainor released snippet of the upcoming single on her social media, and if the teaser is anything to go by, the track will be plain old’ wholesome pop.

“Treat Myself” and “Nice To Meet Ya” release on the 31st of January.