Meghan Trainor Opens Up On Everything Pregnancy

The ‘White Christmas’ singer, Meghan Trainor is radiating that pregnancy glow and how! The singer who is seven months into her pregnancy recently talked about that and more in an interview on the radio. Meghan shared her fears about giving birth and who she wants to be with her during her delivery. Read on to know what the singer said.

The soon-to-be mom is expecting a baby boy and first child with husband Daryl Sabara. Trainor expressed how she wants her mama by her side during delivery and how it is going to be a dicey situation with the ongoing pandemic and the safety precautions accompanying it.  

“I’m scared of birth and, like, not being able to have my mom in the room. Cause, like, they can barely let your husband in the room, but I’m like, ‘but I need my momma…I just need my head rubs, how do I do this?” Meghan said. Talking about why Daryl and her decided to have a baby during quarantine, she explained how she did not want to travel a lot during pregnancy and how this was the only way she could get all the rest, avoid travelling and stay home. The singer also talked about her experience with the doctor’s appointments.

Why The Quarantine Pregnancy?

The singer  shared, “We’re so excited, and we planned it out so that when I tell people that it’s scary to go to my appoints alone, they’re like, ‘Well don’t have a baby in quarantine’”.”I just didn’t want to travel so much when I was pregnant and I knew this was a time when I could stay home and elevate my feet. Some appointments my husband got to go to, and some he didn’t, but those appointments the doctors were very nice to me and set up a whole FaceTime”, Meghan continued.

Meghan also shared her gestational diabetes diagnosis in the video and how she keeps a tab on it by watching her food intake. The star also recently released an album called “A Very Trainor Christmas “ on which she worked with her family.

Fans of Meghan cannot wait to get a glimpse of the singer’s little muffin!

By: Aatira Kakroo