Meghan Trainor Posts ‘Mother’ Blooper Video, Shows Off The Sonogram of Baby No. 2

Meghan Trainor has shared the outtakes of the music video for her latest single ‘Mother’, and her bloopers are just the best! She shared the official blooper video from her time filming the track, and interestingly, the reel is just as goofy as the final cut.

Trainor is talking to the camera all dolled up in the beginning, “This is the best day of my whole life. Riley [her and Darly Sabara’s son] being born was number one, but this?”

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There are candid snippets from the video with Kris Jenner and Trainor dancing with absolutely no choreography, Trainor posing for hilarious photographs with Chris Olsen, some unscripted kisses to the camera and showing off the sonogram of her second baby. 

Trainor was excited to film the music video for ‘Mother’ because of Jenner’s confirmation to come aboard. She said, “I jokingly one day was like, ‘What if I got the mother of all mothers, like the queen of mothers, to be in this music video, singing the lyrics?’ And I was like, ‘There’s no way she’s going to say yes but we should ask,’ and we asked and I found out the day before my birthday that she said ‘yes’ and I sobbed and cried all day long because I couldn’t believe it was happening!’”

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The song is released as the lead single from her fifth album, ‘Takin’ It Back’. ‘Mother’ instantly peaked at No. 30 on Billboard’s Pop Airplay chart right after its release. 

– Riya Sohini