Meghan Trainor Treats Herself to A New Album!

January’s been quite the busy month for artists! From a string of new singles to album releases, we aren’t being given a minute to catch our breath! And adding to this mix is Meghan Trainor who just dropped her song titled, ‘Blink’ from her upcoming album, ‘Treat Myself’.

‘Treat Myself’,is the follow-up to 2016’s ‘Thank You’, and it also includes the previously released tracks “Wave” featuring Mike Sabath, “Workin’ On It” featuring Lennon Stellar and Sasha Sloan, and her 2018 single “No Excuses.” This 15 track album is slated for release at the end of this month and Trainor’s given us just a taste of the ongoing theme, which is “self-love anthems,” as she puts it.

And this theme is clearly reflected in the lyrics of ‘Blink’:

I’m an eclipse, I’m a shootin’ star/ Watch?out,?watch out for?me/ I’m smarter than you think/ I’m crazy?but I’m sweet, you’ll see (See)/ There ain’t nobody like me, baby/Better not blink/’Cause you don’t wanna miss this

Trainor’s made quite an impact on the music scene, especially with her more recent track, ‘With You’ featuring Kaskade, as this one dominated charts world over. And it doesn’t stop there! She will also be heading out on tour with Maroon 5, a little later in the year.

It looks like Meghan’s truly soaring and it’s a thrill to watch!