Meghan Trainor Treats You With “Nice To Meet Ya”

Meghan Trainor is out with her latest sugary bop “Nice to meet ya”. She surprised her fans by collaborating with the rapper, Niki Minaj. The song is from her third album titled “Treat yourself”.

The music video takes inspiration from Meghan’s favorite movie “the working class girl”. She tackles a testosterone filled workplace with her suited up girl friends! This is one of the few videos in the music industry that addresses the issue of workplace gender ratio.

Directed by Matthew Cullen , the choreographed routines lead up to Niki Minaj dropping verses from a golden elevator like ” I pop off cuz I’m the reigning champ”. The video is a fresh burst of aesthetic boosting the 80’s hairstyles and pastel pant suits.

Pink haired Niki Minaj and Meghan are then seen in Niki’s pink office for a fabulous emergency meeting. The whole music video screams to include more women in workspaces , which is a powerful stance to take at the moment.

The album “Treat Myself” was released on January 31st and sported previously released singles “Wave”, “No Excuses” and ” Blink” . Meghan has stepped back into the spotlight after a few years of delivering hits like “All about that Bass”. 2020 has seen her embracing her growth and we hope these mad collabs bag her some awards!