Mendes Could Risk Long Term Damage Due To Illness

Shawn Mendes has been delivering banger performances every week, tirelessly! The ‘There’s Nothing Holding Me Back’ hitmaker has been showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. Currently touring around the world on ‘The Tour’, Shawn has not let his fans down. Fun, cheeky, soothing performances are all this guy is about and we love every bit of it.

Unfortunately, tour life can be really trying for the artist and the need for a break hit Mendes hard. The singer took to Instagram, prior to his Sao Paulo concert, to inform the concert goers that he is heartbroken to have to cancel the show but he really has to as he woke up slightly ill and on meeting with his doctor, found out that he has laryngitis and a sinus infection that could leave the singer with long term damages if he performed.

Well, if cancelling one show means the pp prince’s vocals remain treasured, we’re all for it! Here’s wishing Mendes a full recovery; hoping his vocal cords get better so that he can grace the world with his soulful music again.

The star is scheduled to perform in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil next.