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MIA Is Out With A New Song, ‘CTRL’

MIA has dropped a new single, ‘CTRL‘ which is written for Journalist, Julian Assange, who’s a victim of ongoing extradition. The drum filled track calls people to “Stand up when they try to control.” The journalist is facing “charges of a criminal hacking conspiracy and violations of the Espionage Act.”

MIA also supported the WikiLeaks founder, as she said, “The significance of this moment and this case is like nothing we have seen in modern jurisdiction. THIS IS NOT A LEFT THING, IT\S NOT A RIGHT-WING, ITS NOT ABOUT A BLACK THING VS WHITE THING, ITS ABOUT THE RIGHT THING!”

In March, MIA dropped ‘OHMNI 202091’ which now is followed by ‘CTRL’. However, the latest track will not be on her upcoming album, “111111th”. Nevertheless, the song is surely going to become your go-to jam.

All The Latest From Mia

Mia has become one of the known faces of the indie scene. From being a visual filmmaker in 2000 to want to do music, she’s made a huge name for her. The singer joined the industry in 2002 and has released five studio albums till date.

MIA Stand Up For The Social Cause

MIA has been very vocal about the killings that are taking place in the USA. She’s always ensured to express her feelings about these issues on her social media and encouraging people to stay aware, as well. With this new track, she is doing it again and we honestly love it.

By: Aatira Kakroo

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