MICHELLE Shares Another New Single, ‘Expiration Date’

The New York Indie Collective MICHELLE released a new single, ‘Expiration Date’ on January 6. It is the third single from MICHELLE’s upcoming album – ‘After Dinner, We Talk Dreams’. The album releases on January 28, featuring singles ‘Syncopate’ and ‘Mess U Made’.

Image Courtesy: NME

The album also features new cuts like ‘Pose’, ‘Talking to Myself’ and ‘Layla in the Rocket’. In an earlier interview, Michelle said, “The mission as a collective is to foster a truly inclusive community that is free of hate and shuns injustice. We just want to share our ideas and positivity with our listeners.” 

Image Courtesy: Wearemichelle.com

‘Expiration Date’ continues to have its signature brand of collectively melodic layered vocals and harmonies, bright keys and R&B percussion, while it sings about enjoying a relationship.

Last January, the group released a single, ‘FYO’ and the single received two alternate versions throughout the year, one with a Japanese band CHAI and the other a stripped-down rework. 

In 2021, they released remixes of  ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Unbound’. The collection also includes the original track, its official remix and guest artists.