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Miley Cyrus Finally Breaks Free: Reviewing ‘Midnight Sky’

Miley Cyrus breaks free with Midnight Sky

A new era in Miley Cyrus music has begun. The pop star has officially released the first single off her upcoming album. This one’s called ‘Midnight Sky’ and it is a disco-pop earworm that will have you sweating it out. But, energetic, snazzy production aside, this track feels like Miley Cyrus is breaking free for the first time. And, considering how she’s never cared too much for what people think, we’re trying to figure out why this single feels like the final goodbye to her past life.

Miley Cyrus Addresses It All

‘Midnight Sky’ is a signature, layered 80s synth-pop track. Complete with repetitive beats (not monotonous), a sparkly arrangement on the keys and the singer’s unique vocals, this track is many things in disguise.

For the healed, it’s a song of empowerment. For the broken-hearted, it’s a way of empowerment. And, for Miley Cyrus, it’s her final statement on the “issue”; it’s her breaking free from judgement, and saying exactly what she feels. It reads as her final goodbye to the Liam Hemsworth fiasco, a disco-pop jab at the media and a complete embrace of individuality.

“I was born to run, I don’t belong to anyone/ I don’t need to be loved by you/ Fire in my lungs/ can’t bite the devil on my tongue/ I don’t need to be loved by you.” That’s how Miley Cyrus kicks off the final build up in the chorus. And, it’s the refrain that best articulates the spirit of the song.

Why ‘Midnight Sky’ is the Final Embrace

Now, Cyrus has never been afraid of unabashed expression. She served up every “party girl’s” dream in ‘We Can’t Stop’. She shed the good girl aesthetic in ‘Can’t be Tamed’. And, she broke free from the shackles of society in the 2019 ‘Mother’s Daughter’. So, why does this feel like the crescendo? 

Well, because ‘Midnight Sky’ sees Miley finally addressing the complexities of love, marriage and how those interact with her fierce sense of individuality, And so, in short, Cyrus finally says it exactly like it is, politics and persona aside, speaking only of her experience. 

‘Midnight Sky’ is a Sure Shot Ear Worm

In addition, the single was accompanied by a self-directed music video. And, what the songwriting encompasses in striking simplicity, the music video encompasses in colour, sparkle and every bit of the disco aesthetic. 

‘Midnight Sky’ is now available on all streaming platforms. This one is bound to climb its way to the top of the charts as it walks the line of accessibility and individuality with slick ease.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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