Miley Cyrus Is All About The Plastic Hearts

‘The Wrecking Ball’ star, Miley Cyrus has indeed come in like a wrecking ball with her latest album “Plastic Hearts”. The highly anticipated album which happens to be her seventh came out on Friday, November 27th. And, trust us, it’s going to be your jam.

Sailing smoothly from one genre to another like a piece of cake, Miley Cyrus needed no nudging to drop a rock cover. “Plastic Hearts” is an album that seems to incline towards post-divorce songs. Adorning themselves in devilish horns while shelling out vibes of mockery. Introspecting much?

The “Hannah Montana” fame singer has had nothing short of roller coaster journey so far. Miley has been an icon for teenagers for a long time now. She has repeatedly shown her versatility over time and enthralled her fans with new avatars constantly. Her last song ‘Prisoner’ with the pop bombshell Dua Lipa has amassed tons of appreciation and love much like her work so far.

How The Genre Suits Miley?

The genre seems to suit her, we know because her fans love it. Her voice looms in perfectly sounding rocky and crisp boasting of the singer’s ability to sing to any tune/genre. Things seem to invigorate on songs that feel more authentic to Miley Cyrus. She seems to beautifully reinvent herself, unapologetically reviewing her journey from a Disney kids superstar to the brilliant artist she has grown into.

The track ‘Gimme What I Want’ reflects on her absolute love for ‘80s tunes while her collab ‘Prisoner’ with Dua Lipa combines glam-rock vibe with Lipa’s peppy pop bits. Miley gets real close and personal with ‘Never Be Me’ and ‘Golden G String’ about her transition so far and her image portrayed by the media. Everything put together yields to a powerful new rock sound.

Delay Of “Plastic Hearts”

She originally planned on releasing the album with “She Is Coming” in 2019, but the Malibu wildfires in 2018 to which she lost her home, sabotaged the plans. The event has had an impact on Miley Cyrus’s life which is reflected in “Plastic Hearts” which flaunt some bold looks of the singer who is also seen eating a spider.

Along with treating fans to collaborations with Billy Idol and Mark Ronson among others, Miley also unveils her true musical self and what can be called her rebirth. And, we absolutely love it.

By: Aatira Kakroo