Miley Cyrus’ New Year’s Resolution Was Inspired by Dolly Parton’s Husband

2023 is going to see an absolutely new Miley Cyrus! NBC released a teaser clip of their New year’s special, ‘A Toast To 2022!’, where Miley Cyrus shared what her new year resolution for 2023 will be, and claimed that it is actually Dolly Parton’s husband who has inspired her to set her mind to it. Dolly Parton is Cyrus’ godmother, who is also going to co-host the Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party for 2023 with Miley Cyrus. 

Image Courtesy: Yahoo! Sports 

“I guess my resolution would really be — my instinct is very loud, but I’m not a great listener sometimes,” she told ‘Today’ host Hoda Kotb. “Dolly was telling me, her husband [Carl Thomas Dean] says, ‘You’re not hard of hearing. You’re hard of listening.’ And I guess that would kind of be my resolution, to not just listen to myself, but listen to others.”

“I always say that my truth, and the opposite of what that is is also true,” Cyrus continued, before talking about her entering her glamorous 30s. “Somehow I’m completely different, and then somehow I’m exactly the same. Now, in my 30s — I mean, my 20s were so much fun. If you don’t believe me, I think you can Google it…”

Image Courtesy: New York Post 

Cyrus also wanted to go brunette for her New Year’s Eve Party but eventually decided against it since Parton wanted them to have similar hair colours while hosting the show. “I’ve never seen Dolly actually scared before,” Cyrus continued. “She acted like I told her the worst news you could imagine.’ She goes, ‘You can’t do that. You are me.’ So I’m somehow some extension of Dolly Parton, where she looked like I had just given her the worst news you’ve ever heard. So I will be blonde.”

– Riya Sohini