Miley Cyrus Pays Tribute To An Old Classic at the VMAs

The MTV VMAs promised some star-studded performances and boy, it truly delivered. Over the past few weeks, the show has been adding new acts to its steadily growing list of performers. And one of the last stars to stake their claim on the VMA stage was none other than Miley Cyrus. 

She recently made her rather explosive landing with the groovy tune, ‘Midnight Sky’. Forged from sparkly synths, dreamy beats and the star’s characteristic husky vocals, this song has already begun its domination across charts world over. ‘Midnight Sky’ will find a warm spot on the star’s upcoming album, ‘She is Miley Cyrus”.

Now, diving straight into her VMA performance, it proved to be quite the visual spectacle from start to finish. The stage opened with a shot of Miley silhouetted against a growing white circle, much like the opening of a James Bond film, with the exception of a mic in hand rather than a gun. As the star’s performance unfolded, we saw her traverse under glowing, neon lights before climbing a winding staircase that led up to, well, perhaps we can call it Miley’s heaven: a disco wrecking ball. 

In a tribute to her 2013 track, Miley concluded her performance from atop the silver, sparkly disco ball. But the night was young for Miley as the star went on to bag some awards too. Her sultry hit, ‘Mother’s Daughter’ took home a prize in the Best Art Direction and Best Editing category. 

While Miley might’ve only bagged technical awards this time around, her performance was stunning enough to leave spectators world over spellbound. And not to mention the fact that “She Is Miley Cyrus” might also make her a frontrunner in the 2021 VMAs, considering how much praise the first single off the album has garnered.

By: Nina Karun