Miley Cyrus Unveils ‘Plastic Hearts’ Tracklist

Among the spree of sparkling new releases, Miley Cyrus popped in to remind the world that she too is on the brink of a new era in music. The former Disney star recently took to social media to pull back the veil on the tracklist for her upcoming album, “Plastic Hearts”. 

The teaser Miley shared features the star lying down in a denim jacket, under a grayscale filter. The pink lettering scrawled next to her reveals all the gems “Plastic Hearts” is keeping warm. 

First and foremost, the album is set to feature some star-studded acts like Billy Idol, Joan Jett and Dua Lipa. Miley has been hinting at a tie up with the latter for months. She’s often heaped praises on Dua and even went as far as dropping a hint on her Instagram page in early August. The post featured her and Dua, looking all sorts of classy in the studio. Miley’s caption has haunted fans ever since, “Dua has heard what you haven’t,” she wrote. But thankfully, it looks like the wait is almost over. 

And yet, there’s still a lot of intrigue surrounding some of the star’s titles. Apart from ‘Midnight Sky,’ there’s also ‘Bad Karma’, ‘Golden G String’ ‘WTF Do I Know’ and a whole lot more, making the album out to be a pure adrenaline rush from start to finish. 

“Plastic Hearts” will make it’s descent on November 27th, so here’s hoping the days just fly by.

By: Nina Karun