Miley’s new album to feature Cardi B & Shawn Mendes

American pop star Miley Cyrus recently announced a new era of her music in May with her EP “SHE IS COMING”, with the surprising announcement that the EP would be followed by a whole series of new projects.

Cyrus is now set to release the second installment, an EP titled “SHE IS HERE” this November – the second extended play from her “She Is Miley Cyrus” series. This full-length studio album will feature three six-song extended plays – “SHE IS COMING”, “SHE IS HERE”, and “SHE IS EVERYTHING” – which will be released before the full-length album.

In Cyrus’ recent Instagram live, eagle-eyed fans got a look at a whiteboard with the track-list of the upcoming EP. The EP is set to release on Nov 23, which also happens to be Cyrus’s birthday. The 13-song list includes a smattering of tracks from She Is Coming — “Mother’s Daughter,” “Party Up The Street,” and the RuPaul-assisted “Cattitude”, as well as the recent single “Slide Away.” Fans also noticed that the track “Naked” will possibly feature CardiB and pop prince Shawn Mendes is all set to make an appearance on the track “Playing With Fire”.

The track-list as it stands will feature the following songs:

“Mother’s Daughter”
“Slide Away”
“Party Up The Street”
“American Dream”
“Naked” feat. Cardi B
“Golden G String”
“Mary Jane”
“Bad Karma”
“Play With Fire” feat. Shawn Mendes