Mitski Will Write Music For ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Musical 

Mitski, the acclaimed musician known for her evocative and emotive work, will be creating the music and lyrics for a musical stage production of ‘The Queen’s Gambit.’

The news, confirmed by producers Level Forward, brings together a stellar team, with playwright Eboni Booth penning the play and Whitney White taking the directorial reins. Mitski expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating, “Before Level Forward even brought the idea of making a musical of ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ I was a fan of the Netflix show and an even greater fan of the original novel. So I was already determined to be a member of this team.”

Image Courtesy: Vogue

Her admiration for the source material and the creative minds behind the adaptation is palpable. Meeting Booth and White intensified Mitski’s resolve to be part of this artistic project. She shared, “And then I met Eboni and Whitney, and my determination grew tenfold! I absolutely had to be a part of this! I am ecstatic to get to work with all of these amazing creatives, who’ve each built beautiful and unique repertoires of their own.”

While the debut date for the stage adaptation is yet to be announced, the confirmation of Mitski’s involvement adds an extra layer of anticipation. ‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ originally a 1983 novel by Walter Tevis, gained widespread acclaim through its Netflix adaptation, with Anya Taylor-Joy delivering a stellar performance as the chess prodigy, Beth Harmon.

Image Courtesy: Netflix

The show follows Harmon’s journey from an orphanage to her rise as a world-class chess player, navigating challenges and using prescription intoxicants to enhance her strategic skills. The musical adaptation, with Mitski at the helm of the music and lyrics, promises to bring a fresh and enchanting perspective to this compelling story.

Mitski’s latest album, ‘The Land Is Inhospitable and So Are We,’ was released in September. The album’s intricate choices and arrangements are described as some of Mitski’s most complex and richest, highlighting her ability to convey profound emotions with simplicity.

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As Mitski gears up for her North American tour in January, featuring support from Tamino, Sunny War, Julia Jacklin, Sarah Kinsley, and Cowboy Junkies, fans can anticipate a unique blend of musical and theatrical brilliance from this multifaceted artist. The convergence of her talents is undoubtedly a treat for enthusiasts of Mitski’s work and those eager to witness the magic of ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ unfold on the stage. 

-Britney Jones