Mod Sun is Grateful to His Fans Following His Split With Avril Lavigne

Mod Sun spoke about his recent split with Avril Lavigne at his Los Angeles tour stop. The couple officially called off their engagement in February after nearly two years together.

“Ya’ll f—ing saved my goddamn life for the last six weeks,” he told his fans. 

Image Courtesy: People

“If any of y’all are going through some sh– right now, whether it be heartbreak, depression, addiction, anxiety, maybe you just have a negative voice in your head right now, I want you to know the one thing I have learned in the last almost four years: Do not be afraid to ask for help,” he continued. “So, thank you for helping me. It’s time for a new chapter.

Image Courtesy: The Badger Herald

After the break-up, Lavigne has been spotted with Tyga on multiple occasions. Neither Tyga nor Lavigne has commented on their relationship, but Tyga did post a photo from their trip to Paris for Paris Fashion Week on Instagram. Avril Lavigne commented on the post and left three black heart emojis there, making it pretty official. 

– Riya Sohini