Modern Loneliness Finds Lauv Talking To Pals About Mental Health

Lauv has always been vocal about how he’s feeling, as this is often even reflected in his songs. It’s something fans have applauded him for, because acknowledging one’s vulnerability or frustrations isn’t easy to do, especially when you’re writing songs about this.

Modern Loneliness has made a big dent in the kind of conversations people are having and now Lauv is joining hands with his celebrity pals to take this conversation forward. 

“I’ll be with Teen Line and my friends and collaborators Alessia Cara, Anne-Marie and Sofía Reyes to share stories, talk about how we can all cope during this incredibly difficult time, and answer your questions,” Lauv shared on a recent Instagram post. 

He has invited fans to drop questions in the comment section and it won’t be long before his post is flooded. But that’s the whole point of this movement, isn’t it? Getting people to open up and talk about the things they’ve been struggling with is the first step, especially during this difficult period.

This initiative is taken on by The Blue Boy Foundation, which is Lauv’s own baby and aims to raise awareness about mental health and encourage the younger generation into being more vocal about their struggles.