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Monsta X Have Everything Swinging Well In 2020

Monsta X is being hit with wave after wave of good news. And honestly, that’s exactly what the boys and fans across the world need right now. Soon after the news of their former member, Wonho, being cleared of all charges, they took the stage at the Kelly Clarkson Show for a debut performance like no other!

Dressed in black and white, the boys looked so dapper, standing there in their neatly cut suits and button down shirts. Unlike their other performances, which arrive with just the right amount of intensity and seduction, all packed tightly into their choreography, this time, they took things down a notch.

It was just them, their stand-mics and their stunning vocals which swept through every corner of the room.

This track is one of the many mellow, lovely ones on their first ever All-English album titled, ‘All About Luv’. It debuted at No. 5 on the Billboard 200 charts upon its Valentine’s Day release and honestly, that’s no simple feat.

This also mark’s the first performance by a Kpop Act on the Kelly Clarkson Show, and hopefully, there’s more on their way!

The band is soon going to kick off their North America tour and boy, are we pumped to see it all unfold!

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