Monsta X Member to Become an “Ex Member”

The soaring kpop group, Monsta X, has had their fair share of ups and downs over the past year. While, their track, ‘Who Do You Love?’ featuring French Montana, brought them to the global frontier, nearing the end of the year, they ran into some trouble as one of their band members, Wonho, had to split from the group. Now, the new year’s just begun, and yet, the band is facing another issue.

The band’s agency, Starship Entertainment, recently confirmed that one of their members, Jooheon, has been showing symptoms of anxiety and has been examined and received treatment from different professionals. They clearly stated that the idol’s return will be decided based on his progress in recovery, professional medical opinions as well as a discussion with the band itself. While this news is quite disheartening to all the Monsta X fans out there, it is definitely a step in the right direction, as their agency is clearly prioritizing his mental health over business. Over the past year, 3 idols have committed suicide due to immense pressure from both fans and agencies, so it’s high time these artists are treated like actually human beings.

While the rest of the members will continue with their upcoming schedules, their agency assured fans that they would regularly check not only Jooheon’s but also the other members’ health.

Just last year, the band returned with their seventh EP Follow: Find You. The release was led by the single “Follow” and its accompanying music video. Upbeat and highly danceable, “Follow” is a sharp contrast to the slower, more intimate “Find You,” the first single off the EP which shows that the band clearly enjoys experimenting with different sounds! But, for now, it looks like they’ll have to continue making music without two of their members, and we’re right here for all the support they need.

And with that, we also hope that Jooheon makes a speedy recovery!