Monsta X Set To Return With New Album ‘Fatal Love’

Monsta X have been teasing their return to the music scene for the past few weeks. Their agency, Starship Entertainment, did confirm that they were gearing up for a fall comeback. And now, it appears that the clouds have parted, revealing a brand new album. 

Monsta X just announced that they’d arrive in November with a fresh record titled, “Fatal Love”. This project would serve as their third full-length album and the boys have already given us our first taste through a string of cryptic teasers. 

The boys took to social media to drop the main teaser image for the album and it’s proven to be quite intriguing. It features dark crinkled paper enveloping a face. The visual is drowned under a lot of shadows and so, there’s no telling which band member it is. Below the image, “Fatal Love,” the album title, is scrawled in stark red font, along with a few other details.

Now, “Fantasia X” arrived in May of this year, marking Monsta X’s most recent release. And following this, Jooheon, the band’s lead rapper, announced that he’d be dropping his brand new mixtape, “Psyche” on the 9th of October. Featuring a good seven tracks, this will mark his fourth mixtape since 2018’s “DWTD”.

Minhyuk also revealed that the members were really looking forward to the new album release. “Fatal Love” will make its descent on November 2nd. 

By: Nina Karun