Monsta X Stands Up for The #BlackLivesMatter Movement

monsta x

Not long after BTS voiced their opinion on the #BlackLivesMatter movement, yet another Kpop group has done the same. The much loved, Monsta X, has also joined the fight for racial justice. The boys put out some bold statements during their virtual Time100 Talks performance.
The band’s resident rapper, I.M, started off by addressing the issue and emphasizing that no one can look away from matters like these. 

“As U.N. ambassadors for Sustainable Goal 16, we stand for peace and justice. As such, we have supported Black Lives Matter activism, and we believe that it’s time to acknowledge the issue and fix it,” I.M, of Monsta X, said.

The band’s vocalist, Kihyun, then chimed in to show their appreciation for healthcare workers who are still battling it out at the frontlines of this global pandemic. 

“In addition, with this COVID-19 going around a long time, we truly appreciate and respect all the medical workers and related staff who are sacrificing themselves during this difficult period.” 

And finally, one of the older members from Monsta X, Minhyuk, concluded on a more positive note, “Please take care, stay positive and we believe that we can, and we’ll get through this together.”

The Kpop Industry Comes Together to Fight for Racial Justice

The boys went on to perform two tracks, “Flow” off their latest EP ‘Fantasia’, and “Someone’s Someone” from their debut All-English album ‘All About Luv’. Their latest EP, which arrived on May 26th, witnessed a good 7 tracks. Their lead single, ‘Fantasia’ also came with its very own, surreal music video

Anyway, speaking of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, the Kpop industry has been flooded with messages of support from both artists and their respective fanbases. Most have taken to social media to voice their opinion on the issue, while others have made donations to organizations that are aiding the black community.

Either way, watching the industry be so vocal about matters like this, is refreshing to see.

By: Nina Karun