MONSTA X’s Joohoney to Enlist in Military

Rapper Joohoney has recently shared the date of his official military enlistment, which is set to occur towards the end of this month.

The 28-year-old rapper posted a handwritten letter on MONSTA X’s official fan cafe website, where he announced his upcoming enlistment. According to South Korean law, all physically fit male citizens are required to serve in the military for a period of 18-21 months. Joohoney is set to commence his compulsory military service at the end of the month.

Image Courtesy: Forbes

“Because the time I spend together with Monbebes and the MONSTA X members are so precious and happy for me, I wanted to spend this time more fully with all of you,” Joohoney wrote, explaining why he chose to announce the news 2 weeks before his enlistment.“I’m not leaving forever, so please don’t worry about me, and please promise to look at the sky every day and recall the things I said and think about Joohoney at least once a day,” he told fans.

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Despite the inevitable disappointment that some fans may feel, Joohoney took care to express his love and gratitude to his most devoted supporters in light of the news of his enlistment.

“I’ll come back to show you a better version of me when I return,” he promised. “Like I said before, I think this time is just a comma for us. It’s not a period, but a comma that holds a continual promise for the future. I love you all day, I love you always, so in love with yourself. I truly thank you for showing me what love is.” Eagle-eyed MONSTA X stans will recognize those final lines as references to the lyrics of the group’s ‘By My Side’.

–Kaushiki Sarcar