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Nas Reveals The Star-Studded Tracklist & Cover Art for “King’s Disease”

The rap star, Nas, recently gave us a first taste of his upcoming album with the track, ‘Ultra Black‘. Featuring the iconic producer, Hit-Boy, this tune proved to be an absolute masterpiece. And now, Nas has arrived with another treat from “King’s Disease”: the tracklist. 

The record holds a good thirteen tracks and boasts of some star-studded feature artists. On the list are other impressive rap acts like Big Sean, Lil Durk, Anderson Paak, A$AP Ferg and more. 

Nas also treated fans to the cover art of “King’s Disease”. It features a wooden throne, sprinkled with fruits, flowers and cherubs around it. The cherubs are all drenched in an unnerving shade of red and the closest one appears to be settling a crown on the throne. At the base of the throne sits an odd collection of items: a rusted sword, dazzling treasures, half-eaten fruits and a human skull, hidden in the shadows. The album’s title and featured artists seem to be in scripted on the circular tiles set behind the throne. 

Now, there’s no clarity on the exact theme of the album, but we can make certain predictions gauging from the content of ‘Ultra Black’. This track witnessed a celebration of Black culture and excellence. The politically heavy track also made jabs at certain artists that have refused to embrace their roots. So, there’s a high possibility that the overarching concept will see something similar. 

Interestingly enough, speaking of this track, Nas has also given birth to a #UltraBlack Challenge. It involves posting a picture that best represents the hashtag and explaining what it means to you, before passing the torch on. In the post that started it all, Nas himself deconstructed what the word ‘Ultra Black’ meant to him. He articulated, “It’s an electrifying phrase honoring the Black community as the life force of culture, the term extends beyond race, class or creed. It is symbolic of the fortitude, power, legacy and interconnectedness of all people worldwide.”

Well, as this challenge gains momentum, Nas is sure to leave a much bigger splash tomorrow with the release of “King’s Disease”. 

By: Nina Karun

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