Nav Uses Drugs As A Tool To Make Music

The Canadian producer and rapper, Navraj Singh Goraya known by his stage name NAV in recent virtual interview, revealed how he uses drugs as a tool to create music. Nav has been known for his “Bad Habits” album which now is being followed by “Good Intentions” and a deluxe version “Brown Boy 2”.

After massive successes with artists like Travis Scott, Weeknd and more, Nav earns No.1 on Billboard Top 200 Chart with his new album “Good Intentions”. He has done extraordinary well with 135k in just the first week after dropping the album.

Nav refers to usage of drugs in his songs which made his fans believe that he might be abusing drugs. The singer has cleared the air by stating that he doesn’t consume drugs the way he used to at the start to his career. The track “Overdose” from the “Good Intention” album also talk about drugs but apparently the song reflects a moment in the past.

Nav ensures to spread the message to the young artists that they don’t need drugs to be creative. “The power of your thoughts is way more powerful than any drug in the world, that’s what I’m learning… but you don’t need nothing. “

Nav also discloses the side effects of drugs that have on him, “I wish sometimes I didn’t even smoke weed. At the end of the day, it makes me less productive, it makes me eat worse. I wouldn’t like say, ‘Yeah, you should do this.'”

We are definitely taking the Nav’s advise on staying away from drugs but also congratulate him on this success.

By : Aatira Kakroo