NCT Change Up The Game with ’90’s Love’

The rising stars of NCT just resurfaced on the scene with their title track, ’90’s Love’. The tune, which also received the music video treatment, finds a space on the band’s latest effort, “Resonance Pt. 2“. 

Now, much like the title of the song suggests, ’90’s Love’ opens with a string of old-school Hip Hop beats tossed up with some funky synths. Infused with a strong retro flavour and coupled with sleek rap sets, it doesn’t take much for the song to get you grooving. 

The songwriting on this track proves to be quite interesting as it sees NCT reminiscing about the past. They cherry-pick certain experiences and tokens, bringing on an unshakable wave of nostalgia. Quaint and charming, the lyrics show us that we’ll always carry slivers of the past with us. Here, take a look:

The streetwear that swept across the block
Now it’s just a classic (Blow that)
My pocket was loose (I show that)
Now, let’s shoot, cheese (Clack)
Friends in the film all make V (You know that)

Let’s go mob your moves, stay here, yeah
Fresh off, new decades heating up again

In line with the running retro theme, the visualizer for ’90’s Love’ sees NCT indulge in a few nail-biting rounds of ice hockey, while delivering some power-packed dance routines, in vintage casual wear. 

’90’s Love’ is just one of the many gems sitting on “Resonance Pt. 2” but a delight, nonetheless.

By: Nina Karun