New ‘Amsterdam’ Trailer: Mysterious Man Pushes Taylor Swift Into the Street

The most recent trailer for David O. Russell’s murder mystery film, ‘Amsterdam’ features Taylor Swift.

Image courtesy: Business Insider

Set in the 1930s, a worried-looking Swift runs up to actors, Christian Bale and John David Washington in the crowded streets, in the new 30-second teaser. Swift is seen fearfully asking the concerned looking men, if somebody is watching her and mentions that she doesn’t even know if she can be talking about it.

Swift’s character is forcibly pushed into the street by a mysterious stranger, as she delivers her dramatic last sentence. Then a car horn can be heard booming in the background as she begins to scream.

Image courtesy: Sky News

There aren’t many details available regarding Swift’s role in Amsterdam, but the 32-year-old pop diva is said to portray the distraught daughter of a powerful man who is assassinated near the movie’s opening. According to a previous trailer, the main characters, played by Bale, Washington and Margot Robbie, are falsely accused of having killed him, which sets them on the path to discovering a secret scheme and changing “the course of American history.”

Check out the new trailer:

Image courtesy: USA Today

‘Amsterdam’ posters with each member of the main cast were made available on social media prior to the film’s 7th October premiere, to give spectators a sneak peek at the characters. Swift posed in a suit reminiscent of the 1930s, replete with an opulent black fur collar and cap, with one gloved hand on her hip and the other resting on her chest.