Niall Horan Dressed up for “No Judgement”

Niall horan is back at it with the white vans cuz he clearly loves playing dress up ! at least that is what it seems like from his alternate video for “No Judgement” which features the internet sensation “Boss Baby Brody”. Brody had become an internet sensation when his mom posted a clip of him performing “The Nutcracker”. He quickly eared the titles “Baby Fosses” and “Tiny Dancer”.

The video features the adorable baby and his family playing dress up in their home closet as they groove to Niall’s tunes. Directed by Kanya McMahon , the video is set in an apartment with ample sunlight. Most of the video was shot in natural light and honestly it does make you feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside..

around the house , Brody Schaffer and his sister start playing dress up in the closet. Later they are joined by their parents as Nail sings about not being ridiculed for wearing whatever you want. Brody’s Instagram page where daily updates of his ballet journey also spreads a similar message where they have created a space “where you can be you”.

The video also makes an attempt to highlight the fun of staying at home during the current pandemic scare. Well you can definitely groove to this like nobody’s watching while working from home!

“Got a special new video for #NoJudgement out today!” the Heartbreak Weather singer tweeted on Monday. “This one stars the one and only Boss Baby Brody. Huge thanks to him and his family for being a part of it. Hope you enjoy it.

Niall had initially released the video for “No Judgement” in February. The video featured an older carefree couple , in their prime age of unconditional love that allows them to overlook each other’s pet peeves.

Well we’ve got unconditional love for Naill and we hope Niall will surprise us with more music this 2020! He already seems to be going in the right direction ! Pun intended !