Niall Horan has Love Pouring in For His “Heartbreak Weather”

Who knew Friday the 13th will see all this amazing music release all at once. Another great blessing has come in the form of Niall Horan’s sophomore album “Heartbreak Weather”. The Irish lad has made this weekend a whole lot better with a 14-track album that is now available on all major music streaming services.

With lyrics like “If honesty means telling you the truth / Well, I’m still in love with you,” we find Niall honest indeed in a number of love songs. He is talking of all the love found and lost in tracks like ‘Arms Of A Stranger’, ‘Put A Little Love On Me’, and ‘Nice To Meet Ya’. He has given us a taste of these songs in his appearance on The Late Late Night Show with James Corden. He was funny, charming, and highly adventurous with some pies and hot wings in the mix.

The sounds are clearly more lively and ranging than his previous album ‘Flicker’. Almost as if he is flaunting the talent, we see him diving in with ‘San Francisco’ making us wonder what happened there to bring out such affected sounds. Moving deeper into the album we find ‘Cross Your Mind’ which is a great mix of the folk style that Horan is used to and the pop elements that he’s clearly intended to include in this album.

The verdict from this fan is: Thanks for keeping it fresh and experimental Niall, it was Nice To Meet Ya