Niall Horan Pours His Heart out To Rebecca Judd

Looks like Niall is going the right direction ! He dropped by Apple Music’s “The Rebecca Judd Show” for a quick chat yesterday . Fun conversations about Heartbreak , One Direction and future collaboration ensued at the studio. He even joked that former One Direction band members should plan their schedule release better as he was once asked if they released their solos during the same time as a publicity stunt.

His latest LP “Heartbreak Weather “ which was released on 13th March this year featured a lot of upbeat tracks that got everyone grooving. This is his second studio album which he was praised for immensely. Upon its release the internet witnessed an adorable exchange of support between Niall and Louis Tomilson. Louis had retweeted the album cover for “Heartbreak Weather” captioned “Massive congrats on the new album, mate!! @NiallOfficial,” to which Horan replied sweetly with, “Love ya bud, thank you!!!”

In the interview he said, “To me, it sounds quite young and a touch naïve to that type of song,” he says honestly. “Yeah, just sounded a little bit naïve and I feel like it’s what I’ve learned in the last three years, just to really demonstrate or try and get into different levels of production and stuff because I feel like it was a little bit basic.”

Rebbecca concentrated on light and cheery topics like potential collaborations for the interview , the artist revealed that he would love to work with Post Malone mainly because they sport similar preferences in music. Such a cute fanboy moment !! Well a collab of Niall Horan and Post Malon? Yes please!Naill went on to say that they talk about Dylan and Circles which he insisted is a Fleetwood Mac Jam.

He also said that he looks forward to working with Lewis Capaldi , a former tour mate. They write ballads together which Naill playfully claims they never finished as Lewis is the ‘Busiest Man on the Planet’ , doing almost 90 thousand shows last year.

We honestly can’t wait for Nialls collaborations ! and we hope that he finally gets to collaborate with Post Malone and Lewis Capaldi or even Beyonce , who knows!? It’s time to buckle up lads!