Niall Horan’s Got Tomlinson’s Back Like a Wall

One direction may not be together but the relationship between group members is precious! Group members Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan were seen showing encouraging each other on Twitter.

Louis Tomlinson dropped his first solo album “Walls” on 31st January, featuring the vulnerable side of the artist. Former One directioner, Niall Horan showered support for him by tweeting fans to get “walls” up in the charts. Their cute exchange saw Niall affectionately calling Tomlinson, “Tommo”.

“This album is quality and deserves to be up there” tweeted Horan whose has his second album coming up. Louis replied with a tweet expressing his gratitude saying “Thanks so much mate, Loads of love”.

The album “Walls” focuses on tearing down the barriers and emerging radiant from the rubble. The years following One Directions dissolution reshaped all the members, especially Tommo’s who lost his mother and sister.

He was lately spotted signing copies of “walls” at the Marlborough; More than 500 fans queued up for more than 4 hours to get a glimpse of their hero. “Walls” seems to be just another mellow Brit pop. But we can see that Tommo is trying really hard ballad after ballad. Tomlinson described the album as musically organic! And it is the only one that stayed true to the boy bands sound. He said that it was more challenging to write a song along unlike with One direction, where they brainstormed ideas together. But breaking out on his own is definitely going to be more than good for Tommo ! We hope he tops the chart, where he deserves to be.