Niall Horan’s New Album Might Feature Harry Styles According to Fan Theories!

Wait, will there finally be a mini-One Direction reunion? According to fan theories, it might happen pretty soon! A TikTok fan pointed out that Harry Styles has been working on a circus-themed music video and the footage for that has the same white and blue cloud print that Niall used in the promotional photos for his upcoming album ‘The Show’. 

“What’s that blue thing in the corner up there? Let’s zoom in a little closer,” the user noted before revealing that the block could be linked to Niall Horan’s album. The colour scheme used is also very similar. 

Image Courtesy: J-14

“Had we not gotten those pictures of Harry on the set, I would have thought that the music video was just for Niall the whole time and we got it all wrong,” the user, Emily continued about the photos of Styles being shot out of a cannon. “There’s so many coincidences because I didn’t think they’d be doing a song together, and I don’t really even know now if they are but, like, what the heck? What’s going on?”

Image Courtesy: Seventeen Magazine

This comes after Horan announced his third solo album ‘The Show’. He wrote on Instagram, “This album is a piece of work I’m so proud of and now it’s time to pass it over to you to go and make it your own. Thank you so much for being there for me all this time and I can’t wait to share the next couple of years of this new era with you. I’ve missed you all so much. It’s good to be back.”

– Riya Sohini