Nicky Jam And Romeo Santos Collaboration Out!

Two of the most beloved superstars in Latin music have teamed up for the biggest collaborations of the year. Reggaeton star Nicky Jam and the king of Bachata – a form of Latin Dance, Romeo Santos are joining forces for ‘Fan de Tus Fotos’. The music video that premiered on February 8th sees the two men falling for the same woman.

The Duo Turn Up The Heat

In the reggaeton track with a twist of the tropic, a woman has both Nicky and Santos on the hook, captivated. If you don’t know already, the duo are known for their romantic touch in their respective genres. Naturally they turn up the heat in this one too and effortlessly so.

The music video of ‘Fan de Tus Fotos’ also portrays Nicky and Santos working at a company that publishes magazines. The duo are enamored by their boss letting their office fantasies run wild during business meetings. The storyline follows the two being fired following which the boss appears with a whip in-hand. She takes control of the sexy narrative with the guys tied-up! Clearly turning up the heat, huh?

Nicky Jam has a follow-up album to his 2019’s “Intomo” up for release soon. Nicky has so far previewed it with ‘Polvo’ that features emerging Puerto Rican rapper, Myke Towers. In the second promo, adding to his star count is Romeo Santos in ‘Fan de Tus Fotos’.

Nicky Is ‘Butch The Cat’

Nicky Jam has his hands full venturing outside of music. The singer is also part of the cast of the brand new Tom & Jerry movie. He provides voice over for the character of Butch The Cat in the movie. It is slated for release on the 26th of February.

 We couldn’t be more excited for the movie and to witness Nicky Jam as Butch! Meanwhile do check out their track below:

By: Anjana Sathyanarayan