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Nikitaa Dips Into The Realm of An All-Consuming Love For ‘Universe’

The Los Angeles-based star, Nikitaa, just made her landing with a stunning new track, ‘Universe’. Just a couple months after dropping her infectious tune, ‘Goddess,’ Nikitaa has refused to rest on her laurels, choosing to further explore the niche genre of Goddess Pop.

Now, ‘Universe’ stands at about three and a half minutes, opening with a catch electric guitar hook. The track is carried forward by the young star’s rich, husky vocals that blend superbly with the lighter synths sprinkled in. But perhaps one of the most powerful aspects of ‘Universe’ is its songwriting, crafted from spectacular imagery.

Interestingly, Nikitaa worked alongside the seasoned London-based artist, Ash King, to pen down these very lyrics. With charming allusions to celestial bodies, the star (no pun intended) speaks of discovering a type of love that’s both overwhelming and all-consuming, much like space itself. And that’s how, some of the most spellbinding lyrics were born.

I got a question for ya
Do you wanna build a universe with me?

So, if we build a black hole,
We could press self-destruct, yeah
Yeah we’ll ride out the storm
We can always start over again,

Nikitaa sings, stringing together words that speak of colliding stars, reflecting the rush of diving into a new love.

Nikitaa Opens Our Eyes to A Whole New World

Speaking of the theme fueling this track, Nikitaa explained during an interview with Rolling Stone India that, “Even though it’s this grand love song, I was single when I wrote it! I was drawing both from a specific past experience and also what I imagined it would feel like whenever I felt that way again.”

Staying true to the theme powering ‘Universe,’ the music video blooms with similar aesthetics. We see the singer cushioned against glowing clouds and a spread of glittering stars, in the visualizer she directed and produced herself.

So, as Nikitaa continues to build her universe of sparkling new tunes, we’re sure to find ourselves returning for something just as magical.

By: Nina Karun

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