Nirvana’s Special 30th Anniversary Remaster of ‘In Utero’ Will be Released Soon

Get ready to celebrate the epic 30th anniversary of Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’! This iconic final studio album, dropped on 23rd September, 1993, with mega-hits like ‘All Apologies’ (remember their unforgettable MTV Unplugged gig?) and ‘Heart Shaped Box.’

Nirvana announce special 30th anniversary reissue of 'In Utero'
Image Courtesy: NME

Mark your calendars for 27th October because this legendary album is making a comeback in style! You can snag it in multiple groovy formats, including a limited-edition eight LP super deluxe box set, five CD super deluxe box set, one LP + 10 inch edition, two CD deluxe edition, and a digital super deluxe edition. But here’s the kicker – the three super deluxe editions pack a whopping 72 tracks, featuring a jaw-dropping 53 never-before-heard gems. It’s a Nirvana fan’s dream come true! 

You’re in for two epic concerts: ‘Live In Los Angeles’ (1993) and the band’s last Seattle gig, ‘Live In Seattle’ (1994). Plus, there are six bonus live tracks from Rome, Springfield and New York that’ll blow your mind.

The live tracks have been very skillfully reconstructed by Seattle engineer and producer Jack Endino, the genius behind their 1988 debut ‘Bleach.’ He’s taken stereo soundboard tapes and turned them into pure audio gold. But wait, there’s more! The original 12 tracks from ‘In Utero,’ five bonus gems, and B-sides have been remastered from the original analog master stereo tapes by the legendary Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Services.

Nirvana, here's what the edition for the 30th anniversary of 'In Utero' will  contain
Image Courtesy: Italy 24 Press News

And the physical super deluxe edition box sets? They’re a collector’s dream! You’ll find a removable acrylic panel featuring the album’s iconic Angel, a 48-page hardcover book packed with unreleased photos, a newly designed 20-page fanzine, a lithograph of a Los Angeles tour poster by the hot rod artist Coop, replicas of the 1993 record store promo Angel mobile, three gig fliers, two ticket stubs from Los Angeles and Seattle, an All-Access tour laminate, and four backstage passes made of cloth sticky awesomeness.

This reissue is the ultimate tribute to Nirvana’s epic ‘In Utero,’ following their special ‘Nevermind’ reissue in 2021.