Noah Cyrus is High On Music

Miley’s little sister , Noah Cyrus is out with a new track “I Got So High that I Saw Jesus”. This announcement comes in after her breakout song “July” that’s been a streaming success since its release.

The artist unveiled the news on Instagram where she also included a mini trailer track version of the song. It sounds like a folkish country ditty song that is going to steal our hearts for sure!

She had previously released “This is Us” with Jimmie Allen which did well on various streaming platforms. She said that she will be trying out many genres of music before she settles down , which we think is honestly the best thing! Noah has given us Pop Anthems , Hip hop tracks and more but there’s something about her singing acoustic in a guitar that is mesmerising. We’re excited that she’s finally exploring the quieter side of music where we think she will be brilliant.

When asked about the new track she said “It’s about the damage to the planet, and the world moving away from tradition, and getting this ‘Come to Jesus’ realisation that it’s all gonna be alright “I don’t know if its an optimistic song. It depends on who the listener is, whether they’re a ‘half-full’ or ‘half-empty’ type of person. I’m usually a ‘half-empty’ girl, I have to say!”

On instagram she uploaded a small video of her next to a bonfire humming “I got so High that I saw Jesus” which looked blissful. She captioned the video “I Got So High That I Saw Jesus , FRIDAY 3/20” which attracted the attention of many religious users who called her out for it. Well we don’t really know who’s side to take on this one but we sure as hell know that this is going to be one hell of a track!