Noah Cyrus launches apparels to aid mental health

After Noah Cyrus recently released her ballad ‘Lonely’ – alongside its moving music video that depicts “vulnerability, trauma and dropping your façade,” Symone Rudhell, the director of the video says that the singer has announced the release of her new apparel collection which is titled after the song.

Her new apparel line is called ‘LONELY’. The collections derived by the apparel will be profited by the Jed Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to protect the emotional health of teenagers and prevent suicide.

Cyrus launched the collection in partnership with The Crystal Campaign and performed a live acoustic set in Los Angeles in honour of World Mental Health Day. The LONELY collection features a “soirée of metaphysical icons and cartoon symbols alongside The Crystal Campaign’s hallmark earth-stone definitions,” and it will include “premium sweatshirts and sweatpants creatively designed by Cyrus.”

In a recent Instagram post, Cyrus mentioned that she’s happy that ‘Lonely’ resonates with so many of her fans, and that doing so was her goal when writing the song.