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Nobody Recognizes Machine Gun Kelly on ‘Jeopardy!’

Machine Gun Kelly has now proved to be an unpopular artist on the show Jeopardy! as none of the contestants on a recent episode of the game show recognized him in a question asked. 

Image Courtesy: Daily Mail

The episode aired on 27th December 2021, in which Kelly was a reference in the series’ musical category. Ken Jennings, the host of the show said, “The stage name of the rapper and actor gets shortened to MGK” when a contestant opted for the clue which was worth $800, while his picture was also shown. The host also said that he is dating actress Megan Fox. He then witnessed silence, “Not fans of Machine Gun Kelly, apparently” he joked. 

Image Courtesy: India Times Post

After this, there were a lot of trolls that gushed in on Twitter. Online reactions ran the gamut. A Twitter user said, “No one Machine Gun Kelly made my day” also added loudly crying emojis to it. 

Kelly’s sixth album ‘Born with Horns’ might get released sometime in 2022. The upcoming album serves as a follow-up to his first Billboard number one album of 2020 ‘Ticket to My Downfall’.  

Image Courtesy: Pedestrian TV

The album was disclosed in August when Kelly and Travis Barker got matching tattoos of the title done on their forearms. He also dropped the album’s single- ‘Papercuts’, that month itself. He premiered it live with Travis at the MTV Video Music Awards in September.

In addition to his music, he recently turned his attention to expanding his filmography. It was announced that he and Mod Sun would co-direct a film together, titled – ‘Good Luck with A.U’. He is also due to appear in The Last Son and Jackass Forever, and Taurus as well, in which he will play the lead role.–qpleAMk
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