Nothing Anonymous croons ‘Here to Stay’

The Mumbai electro-pop duo, ‘Nothing Anonymous’, consisting of vocalist Ambika Nayak and producer Nirmit Shah, have just dropped their debut EP, ‘Here To Stay’.

The 5-track release acts as a middle ground between the R&B and pop flavours of Nayak’s group, ‘Kimochi Youkai’, of which Shah used to be a part of, and the heavy electronica style of Shah’s group, ‘Ape Echoes’. The song captures Nayak’s rhythmically catchy singing brilliantly along with all those sleek synths. It’s worth mentioning their quirky lyrics too!
Their standout track ‘Say Hello’, however, dials things to a more simplified showcase of Shah’s skills on a keyboard and Nayak punctuating the rapped verses with an infectious chorus about romantic reparations.

It looks like ‘Nothing Anonymous’ is constantly reinventing itself, which is always quite a spectacle to witness.