‘Now You See Me’ 3 Confirmed With Original Cast

According to Screen Daily, Lionsgate International is gearing up for the American Film Market (AFM) sales for the third sequel to ‘Now You See Me.’ What makes this news even more enchanting is the choice of director, Ruben Fleischer, known for his work on ‘Venom’ and ‘Zombieland.’ The dynamic producing duo of Alex Kurtzman and Bobby Cohen, who have been an integral part of the franchise, are set to return, ensuring that the magic stays alive.

For those who may have missed the excitement, ‘Now You See Me’ first graced our screens in 2013, introducing a group of incredibly skilled magicians and illusionists who employ their talents to commit crimes and orchestrate multi-million dollar heists. With the first two films collectively amassing close to $700 million, it was only a matter of time before the third installment was announced.

Image Courtesy: Digital Spy

One of the reasons ‘Now You See Me’ has been so captivating is its ensemble cast, including Hollywood greats like Woody Harrelson, Morgan Freeman and Jesse Eisenberg. In the third movie, these beloved actors are set to reprise their main roles, promising fans more of the magic they love.

However, there’s one notable absence. Michael Caine, who played a significant role in the first two movies, will not be returning, as he has recently announced his retirement from acting. 

While the return of some key cast members has been confirmed, there are still a few mysteries surrounding the third instalment of ‘Now You See Me’. It remains unconfirmed whether actors like Isla Fisher, Dave Franco and Mark Ruffalo will reprise their roles, leaving fans in suspense.

Image Courtesy: Rolling Stone

To bring the magic to life on screen, the cast had to undergo intense preparation. Jesse Eisenberg, who plays J. Daniel Atlas, the arrogant illusionist leading the group, shared some insights during the release of ‘Now You See Me 2’ in 2016. He revealed that they embarked on a magic boot camp two weeks before shooting, striving to learn as much as possible. Working with some of the best illusionists in the business, such as Keith Barry, Andrew Gikh and Blake Void, added authenticity to their performances.

As for the release date for the third movie, it’s shrouded in mystery as well. Production is set to begin in 2024, but the exact timing of the film’s premiere is still unknown. 

-Britney Jones