Offset Celebrates Mother’s Day With Cardi B, Showers Her With Love And Luxury Gifts

Offset celebrated Cardi B on Mother’s Day with full force! Cardi B took to social media to show off the many gifts her husband got her on this holiday.

“I love my man he really HIMothyyy,” Cardi tweeted with a video of the couple’s foyer. The place was decorated with nine massive bouquets of roses in vases. “My man really is HIM!!!! I’m never getting off from him !!!!!!!!”

She also posted videos of two Chanel bags on her Instagram Stories. The bags that Offset gifted her, one green quilted bag and another identical one but in pink, are to die for! “I love it, thank you baby Daddy,” Cardi said in the video. She hilariously noted that she doesn’t wear “the other green purse” her husband got her. “I’m over-pursed, but I never get tired of getting new purses.”

“We’ve been through a lot with each other,” Offset said about his relationship with Cardi B, whom he’s been married to since 2017. Cardi B and Offset share two children, four-year-old daughter Kulture and one-year-old son Wave. In the same interview, he noted, “Some people in Hollywood live through Hollywood, but we live through each other and keep our stuff at home good. We go through ups and downs at home but have a great support system. Everybody listens to each other and has each other’s back. At the end of the day, our mission is to be successful and take care of the family.”

– Riya Sohini