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One Direction Makes it to 10: Here’s How They Celebrated

One Direction celebrates 10 years

It’s officially been 10 years since British boy group One Direction debuted. The 5, and subsequently 4 member boy group continue to be one of the most impactful boy bands of this generation. Their impact on the pop music landscape remains unquestionable. And, whether you love them or not, you can’t deny their place in music history. 

Amid much anticipation of the monumental date, the group’s fandom, commonly known as Directioners, flooded social media in celebration. Trending a number of hashtags on Twitter, the best of them all being #18MonthsMyAss, their fans expressed continued love and dedication to the members. Many even hoped for a reunion or the release of new music to mark the occasion. But, who needs grand declarations when you have emotional posts from the members themselves? 

The 4 lasting members of One Direction – Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn, took to social media to share their feelings about the big day. And, while Zayn remains silent, much to fans’ dismay, the 4 solo singers moved observers with their kind words. 

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, who has been enjoying massive success after his latest album, ‘Fine Line’ shared the longest message among the boys. In the touching caption, the singer-songwriter wrote “I’ve been struggling to put into words how grateful I am for everything that’s happened over the last ten years.”

He went on to say, “I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most incredible people, and gained friendships that I know I will treasure for the rest of my life. To all the fans, I love you, and I thank you with all my heart. You did it all, and you changed everything.”

And in the final tear-jerking end to his statement, he said, “And finally.. to the boys, I love you so much, and I couldn’t be prouder of everything we achieved together. Here’s to ten.” 

Fun fact, fellow member Liam Payne replied to Styles’ tweet with a heart emoji, furthering our need for tissues to wipe away the tears.

Liam Payne

Vocalist Liam Payne, shared a collection of two pictures – one of an old text message that simply reads: “I’m in a boyband”, and an old picture of the group in full.

Accompanying the post was a short but sweet caption that said, “What a journey… I had no idea what we were in for when I sent this text to my Dad ten years ago at this exact time the band was formed. Thanks to everyone that’s supported us over the years and thanks to the boys for sharing this with me.” 

Niall Horan

The Irish member took to Twitter, posting a picture of the lads. Addressing the 10 year anniversary, Niall wrote: “When I met these four gents there was no way I thought we would go on to do what we did. So many unbelievable memories we shared together. We felt the adoration of millions from around the planet on a daily basis and it was mind blowing.”

He goes on to say, “It’s such a major part of our lives and always will be. Cheers to US today boys and thank you to all you beautiful people who have supported us over the last 10 years.”

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson, who has been through a lot ever since his departure from the band, took a moment to express his love and gratitude. In a heartfelt post he wrote: “Feeling pretty emotional today. 10 years!! Spent the morning watching old interviews and performances. Just wanted to send a massive thank you to ALL of my band mates. What we did together was incredible.”

In a touching move, he said, “Too many incredible memories to mention but not a day goes by that I don’t think about how amazing it was. So proud of you all individually.” Louis is known for his deep connection with the fans; he himself has credited them with seeing him through some of his darkest days. Which is why his final statement means so much – “And to the fans. The people who gave us all these amazing opportunities. You are incredible, your unmatched level of loyalty is something that makes me really really proud.”

Big Love for One Direction

While Zayn is yet to make an appearance on social media, many members of the One Direction team took to social media to express their thoughts, too. Simon Cowell, who has been instrumental in forming the band, wrote – “Today is a very special day. I was lucky enough to meet five guys. Who were so much fun. So talented. It feels like 10 minutes ago. And you made it happen.” 

Ben Winston, close collaborator of One Direction shared a message along with a collection of never seen before photographs from a trip to Rio. “Travelling and working with those 5 brilliant boys was such an amazing privilege. Loved every minute of that life changing time,” he wrote. Well, here’s to a lifetime of pop bangers and love, One Direction.

By: Ahalya Narayanan

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