One Direction Streams Go Up By 174%: 10th Anniversary

On July 23, 2020, Directioners around the world celebrated 10 years of One Direction, and trust us, they went all out! The boy-band amassed a staggering 21 million on-demand streams on the 10th Anniversary of their formation.

According to Nielsen Music/MRC Data, the five-man band drew in 7.7 million streams worldwide on July 22, 2020. On the next day itself, these numbers went up almost threefold. It looks like fans around the world really couldn’t get enough of One Direction last Thursday.

Even though it’s been a decade since One Direction’s formation, it looks like nothing has stopped these boys from going strong! However, it wasn’t just the ‘date’ that resulted in this streaming boost. Each of the group’s members put up posts on their social media commemorating the anniversary. 

Additionally, the official page of One Direction put up several posts on the anniversary after being inactive for a few years! This certainly took fans on a fun-filled ride down memory lane.

While One Direction is currently on an ‘indefinite hiatus’ since the group’s 2015 album, ‘Made in the A.M’. The group’s digital downloads went up 109.2% from July 22 to the next day. 

It wasn’t just the latest music that had fans around the world buzzing. One Direction’s first-ever single which was released in 2012, ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ topped the list of most played songs on July 23rd. The record was streamed over 1.2 million times on just that day!

This past-week is only evidence that Directioners all over the world still can’t get enough of the five-man boy band. While we pin our hopes on the release of a sixth studio album from One Direction, all we can do right now is continue to live through the group’s past hits.

By: Aatira Kakroo