One I’ve Been Missing

Little Mix, the British Girl group that was formed by Simon Cowell on ‘The X Factor’ and then won the show back in 2011, have released another kicker this week that is spewing Christmas and holiday vibes.

The girls announced the release of their fifth album called ‘LM5’ in 2018 after their split from SyCo, Simon Cowell’s record company and then went on to do a tour as well. Earlier this year, they took to Twitter to announce that they are writing and producing their sixth album.

They dropped ‘Bounce Back’, a single, a few months ago that received generally good reviews. This week, the girls dropped another single called ‘One I’ve Been Missing’. And boy let me tell you, this one is a banger, blooming with Christmas spirit!

It talks about being away from the people that you love and finally meeting them again for the holidays, after a painfully lengthy wait. The track is pleasant and calm, but can still get a groove out of you happy folks. We can’t wait to see what their new album has in store for us.