Onew of SHINee Makes a Comeback With His Solo Song ‘Dice’

Onew, the frontman and vocalist of SHINee, has returned with a solo humorous video called ‘Dice,’ the title tune of his new mini-album of the same name.

Onew exchanges passionate glances with a woman in the window of a posh hotel before being whisked away by a masked man in the colourful new video. He disguises himself as a royal and then as a bellboy to get to the hotel and rescue her. The woman eventually fights back against her captors, and the two joyfully flee together.

Start rolling dice / Thrown at you, all my heart / Forget about winning and losing / I fall deeper / Wherever the end is, I could never let go,” he sings on the groovy chorus.

Onew’s first official solo album following the release of his debut solo mini-album ‘Voice’ in December 2018 is the six-track ‘Dice.’ He recorded the music ‘Heart Warning’ for the soundtrack of the K-drama ‘Forecasting Love And Weather’ earlier this year.

Image courtesy - Tumblr
Image courtesy – Tumblr

Following the singer, his SHINee bandmates released their long-awaited seventh studio album, ‘Don’t Call Me,’ in February, marking their first release in almost two years.

Image Courtesy- VOI
Image Courtesy- VOI

In April, the album was re-released as ‘Atlantis,’ with three additional tracks, including a new single of the same name.

— Aditi Manjunath