Ozzy and Post Malone Raid Together

Ozzy Osbourne’s new album- ‘Ordinary Man’ features a little treat for us and it arrives in the form of none other than Post Malone. The rock legend and this rising star teamed up yet again for a track titled ‘It’s A Raid’ which follows their previous collaboration ‘Take What You Want’ alongside Travis Scott. It’s always thrilling to see an artist try their hand at something new, and here, we’re talking about the rock genre. Malone’s definitely got the passion for it, one that surely matches Ozzy’s and that’s all it took to produce something fabulous. Honestly, the track is blowing our minds. ‘Ordinary Man’ has 11 songs including a feature with Elton John.

The collaboration is just what we need between the ‘Prince of Darkness’ and our ‘Rock star Rapper’. It seems like Malone is slowly drifting away from the Hip-Hop world, which in fact, is exactly what he wanted. Malone’s performed with Osbourne at the AMAs. Though it’s been a rough time for Ozzy due to his health conditions, he’s still making amazing music and fans are just over the moon about this.

The song is co-written by the artists, and it’s concept is based on an incident which occurred with Ozzy at California in his house, in the year 1972, when he accidently hit a button to trigger an alarm, inviting the cops to come to his house. The house was filled with drugs and Ozzy goes “IT’S A F***IN’ RAIIIIID,” while he snorts drugs in the bathroom until the police left.

What a life! We continue to believe good music comes out of experience and this is just proof.