Pearl Jam Has Announced The Reissue of ‘Yield’ on its 25th Anniversary

Pearl Jam has announced a reissue package for their album ‘Yield’ to commemorate its 25th anniversary. The Seattle grunge icons’ fifth studio album was released in February 1998 and included the tracks ‘Given To Fly’ and ‘Do The Evolution’.

To commemorate its anniversary, ‘Vinyl Me, Please’ will reissue the album on translucent red and black vinyl. It will be the company’s first release from its new audiophile-grade pressing plant in Denver, Colorado. It is expected to start shipping in late summer.

Pearl Jam announce 25th anniversary reissue of 'Yield'
Image Courtesy: NME

‘Yield’ is now available in spatial audio on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services. In addition, the band’s ‘Give Way’ concert film is being pressed on vinyl and CD for the first time as a live album for Record Store Day 2023.

The concert in question took place on 5th March, 1998 in Melbourne, Australia, a month after the release of ‘Yield,’ and was one of the last shows the band performed with original drummer Jack Irons, who was soon replaced by Soundgarden’s Matt Cameron.

Take a look at the tracklist for ‘Give Way’ below.

1. ‘Release’

2. ‘Brain of J.’

3. ‘Animal’

4. ‘Faithfull’

5. ‘In My Tree’

6. ‘I Got ID’

7. ‘Corduroy’

8. ‘Even Flow’

9. ‘Spin The Black Circle’

10. ‘Given To Fly’

11. ‘Hail, Hail’

12. ‘MFC’

13. ‘State Of Love And Trust’

14. ‘Do The Evolution’

15. ‘Alive’

16. ‘Black’

17. ‘Immortality’

Looking ahead, Pearl Jam’s Stone Gossard has provided an update on the band’s upcoming album. In an interview last March, the guitarist confirmed that work on the follow-up to 2020’s ‘Gigaton’ had begun and that Andrew Watt, who previously worked with Justin Bieber, is behind the production desk this time.

Pearl Jam | Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Image Courtesy: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Now, Gossard has told Riff TV how things are moving along. “The plan is that we’re gonna do some more recording, and we’re gonna try to finish a record here pretty soon. There’s songs that are getting close to being done and there’s a bunch that aren’t. And we’re gonna do something here pretty soon.”

“We’ve got demos for days. Everybody writes in the band, so now it’s really just trying to figure out what’s something different for us and what’s something exciting. And we’re working on that. I think we’ve got a good start on another record that will be hopefully good.”