PewDiePie Disses 6ix9ine, JK Rowling And More In ‘Coco’

PewDiePie aka Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg is again the talk of the town after the release of his latest diss track ‘Coco’. Never one to shy away from controversial topics, the YouTuber has dissed names like J.K. Rowling, and rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and nursery rhyme channel Cocomelon.

After  hinting about the song on his social media page, fans finally got to hear it. People were quick to make it trend on Twitter minutes after the song was dropped. 

Diss on 6ix9ine

The YouTuber decided to bring rapper 6ix9ine into his lyrics, referring to the time when the rapper went to jail and in the court, he took names of the people involved in the case. 

“Don’t tell your mama, don’t be a f**king snitch
Don’t be like 6ix9inе, that rainbow f**kin’ b**ch.”

Even though PewDiePie and 6ix9ine did not have a public feud, this is not the first time he has commented on the rapper. Previously, PewDiePie had made a comment during 6ix9ine’s arrest. “Tekashi offered $1.7 million from his bank account and his passport. […] I just thought it was funny, rappers are all about money – barely has $2 million in his account. I’m not saying that’s little, but considering how much he flexes, it’s like, really? That’s all you have in your account?” he had said at the time of 6ix9ine’s arrest.

Diss on J.K Rowling And Cocomelon

The video for ‘Coco’ gained over 5.2 million views within 24 hours of its release. The 4 minute long diss track has PewDiePie dressed up in various costumes, from cowboy hats to warrior costumes.

PewDiePie also takes a dig at J.K. Rowling in the track saying, “I’ll spoil Harry Potter, wait, J.K. already did that.” J.K. Rowling faced backlash after some people took offense to her comments about the transgender community, many taking to Twitter to call out her opinions.

One could also assume that PewDiePie has some personal beef with the author after she tweeted an article about the YouTuber with the caption, “For those who think fascism is an edgy accessory…”

On a lighter note, PewDiePie also appears to diss Cocomelon, a nursery rhyme channel which started last year and already has 105 million subscribers. This appears to be a comedic diss on the channel, and the lyrics go like “Yeah, I saw your sh*t Ew, f***in’ cringe (Ew) It’s not even funny and your head is really big (Why)”. Referring to the appearance of the main character which is a watermelon.

By: Anjana Sathyanarayanan