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Pink Credits Couple Therapy For Successful Marriage

pink carey hart

Pink might have been married for 14 years but the real winner here is couples therapy. In a recent Instagram Live she got candid about the secret to her marriage to Carey Hart. The star who has had her battle with Coronavirus and won is apparently a champion of it all.

She got her counsellor Vanessa to get on the Live with her and spoke to her directly about how much she recommends it to other couples, “I got a lot of s— for telling people that Carey and I have been in couples counseling with Vanessa.”

Pink continued to say, “So I talk to Vanessa on my own and I also talk to Vanessa with Carey and for Carey and I. It’s the only reason that we’re still together because you know, I think partners after a long time, we just speak — I can’t say it’s a man and woman thing, I think it’s a partner thing, a spouse thing — that you just speak two different languages.”

Pink, has two kids with Carey Hart, one of whom tested positive for Coronavirus. She dated Carey for 4 years before getting married. A strong testament to what the sessions have done for the couple is this — “without Vanessa translating for me for the last 18 years, I mean, we would not be together,” Pink said.

By: Nupur Saraswat

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