Pink Says Tina Turner Inspired Her For Her Forthcoming Tour Plans

Pink finally revealed her plans for her ‘TRUSTFALL’ tour! Fans can expect not one, but two tours by the end of this year. Pink claimed that this LP is one of the best of her career and the album cut ‘Turbulence’ has a special significance as a ballad. 

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“Everybody gets it,” she said about the ballad. “And that kind of makes me sad and happy all at the same time. I hate telling people what a song is about ’cause it’s whatever it’s about for you, but for me, it’s just sort of speaking to anxiety. And almost walking my daughter through it, down that road. My favorite line is ‘Even when you say you can’t/ I will watch you dance through this turbulence.’”

Pink also teased her touring plan for the year! She will start with Summer Carnival 2023 in late July followed by the ‘TRUSTFALL’ arena tour in October at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California. 

“When you go and see Tina Turner and she’s 69 years old in Louboutins, running all around that stage sounding better than you ever have and dancing harder, you have no excuse,” she told fans. “I’m gonna be 90 in a tutu, P!nk-erbell flying through the air. Yeah, why wouldn’t I? It’s so much fun.”

– Riya Sohini